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Our Projects


Project #1

Donation Drive to provide the most needed items to local "do-gooders":

  • Build long-term commitment with local grocery/retail/wholesale stores and family/friends to donate food items, toiletries, and other items

  • Collect and Deliver items to local food banks/rescue programs, and shelters that house the homeless and feed the hungry

Project #2

Fundraiser to support StreetLight's programs and initiatives aimed to house the homeless and feed the hungry.


Project #3 (still Planning)

Boxed Food

Rescue food, reduce waste 

  • Educate and Create Awareness about the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act that protects food donors from liability when donating to a non-profit organization

  • Form Partnerships with local restaurants to rescue usable food and to reduce food waste using a safe and sustainable approach

  • Collect and Deliver food items to local food rescue partners and food banks, who serve the needy and hungry in our community

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