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4Girls 4Change partners with the Afghan Youth Relief Foundation!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Last weekend, we were able to do a major clothing donation to the Afghan Youth Relief Foundation. CLICK HERE for more details.

Thanks to donations from our family and friends from the East Coast, we were able to make this happen. A total of 346 sets of clothing were donated to the foundation today - 251 salwar sets and 95 sets of regular clothing/jackets/scarves/bedsheets.

The Afghan Youth Relief Foundation was founded in response of Afghanistan being a war-torn country emerging from the ravages of 40 years of turmoil, fighting its enemies and the civil war.

Please check out the Afghan Youth Relief Foundation ( The efforts that they are doing are eye-opening as they are providing hope and resources for the current generation of Afghan refugees by providing them with education and stability.

We hope to continue working with this wonderful organization and also a special thanks to Ms. Neely Wahidi for speaking with us and her immense support today during our donation drop-off.

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