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4Girls 4Change supports Power Pack Program for school kids

One of our most supportive and longtime partners - Food For Others (FFO) offered us a wonderful new opportunity last week!

Annie Turner (Executive Director, FFO) requested us to contribute to their Power Pack Program (P3) for kids, which currently provides weekend meals to over 3.400 students in 45 Northern Virginia area schools.

Last Saturday, responding to Ms. Turner’s offer, 4Girls 4Change contributed 120 total P3 kits (consisting of 184 lbs of food + 45 liters of juice). This contribution was made possible thanks to $45 in gift cards from Food Lion + $409 from fundraiser funds collected for our “Do Good For Do-Gooders” flagship project started in 2021.

Each P3 kit consists of a total of 10 food items – 2 breakfast items, 2 lunch items, 2 dinner items, 2 snacks and 2 drinks.

Please check out and consider supporting FFO’s wonderful P3 program, which sends weekend backpack meals home with students who do not get enough food on the weekends without their school-provided meals. The students tend to be on the free and reduced meals program during the week and have limited access to food over the weekend. The program currently supports over 3,400 students from 45 schools in the Northern Virginia area. These numbers are significantly up from the 2.000 students from 33 schools in the pre-COVID years.

A special shoutout to Dr. Aishwarya Sudheer (our cousin from India, who is in the DC area now for her medical observership program) for helping us organize and smoothly executing this effort.

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