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Aced Another Milestone

Congratulations to our founder Niveda Mahesh for successfully completing a huge milestone of her life. She graduated from Woodbridge High School with high honors and made her teachers, friends, and most importantly her family proud of her hard work and outstanding achievements.

Without Niveda's pure determination and thoughtful heart our 4Girls 4Change would not have been a part of our charitable community.

Niveda will be attending to North Carolina State University as a Park Scholar! She will be majoring in Environmental Science. We wish her all the best for her college journey and that she may be able to present to the world the type of charitable and hard working woman she is.

We would also like to thank the proud parents for encouraging Niveda to be the great woman she is today.

With lots of love and wishes,

Anika, Nandita, Nitika, and Anitha

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