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Getting ready to kickstart our next exciting project!

Sharing an exciting personal (Niveda) update, which more importantly also relates to 4G4C's upcoming "Reduce Food Wastage in Local Restaurants" project.

I received my Girl Scout Gold Award last Thursday! This is the highest honor awarded to only 5% of all Girl Scouts.

Few highlights of my Gold Award project:

  • Project Title - Reduce Food Wastage in Local McDonald's Restaurants

  • Partners included - McDonald's, Food Donation Connection, and StreetLight

  • Project Achievements - since December 2021:

    • 1,129 lbs of unused restaurant food items donated to feed the hungry

    • 94 lbs weight equivalent of greenhouse methane gas emissions reduced from landfill waste

    • Over $2,000 availed in tax deductions by donor restaurants

  • Find full details of this long-term and sustainable project here.

We now hope to expand this project through 4Girls 4Change by partnering with local mom-and-pop restaurants starting this Fall.

Read here to know more about food waste and the climate crisis and why this project is relevant!

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